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Affordable and Practical Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, my husband is the most generous.  He  doesn't care about the price.  He likes name brand stuff but I am the opposite.  I am more of a practical gift giver and receiver.  I always think of what the person receiving the gift really need or what he can use instead of what he would like but don't really need.
Anyway, I don't really need a new purse but my husband found this one on sale so he got it for me on Valentine's day.  I didn't mind because I like the style and the color combination.  I could use it with a lot of clothing that I have in my closet so it's a plus point for him for choosing this.
For our son's birthday, we got him his favorite sweets.  We also got him a new bike which he can use  during the warm weather.  He was actually able to use it once this winter, we had a warmer day and he  tried riding this around the neighborhood.  We love riding bikes  as a family during summer so this is a perfect choice for his birthday.
My daughter is taking violin lessons so I thought getting her this stand is an excellent choice for one of her Christmas gifts along with the portable charger that she really wanted.  Now that she's a teen, I can't buy her anything without asking her first because she has her own preference now.  The music tripod was a surprise gift but I am glad she actually loved it.
Our son is into shoes these days so getting him a pair for Christmas was an easy  decision.  This din't cost a lot either.
The Steve Madden purse and wallet was  the gift I got from my husband last Christmas.
 For my husband's 50th birthday, I got him this set of 50-pound dumbbells.  If you are into weight lifting, you know that these ain't  cheap, every pound is a dollar worth.  I did however got a great deal with it as it was free shipping.
 Our goal is to  fill up this rack with dumbbells.  We still needs sets of 30, 35, 40, and 45 pounds.  The stand was my gift for him during Valentine's Day.  Last Christmas, I got him a weightlifting belt and some knee pads.  He uses them every time he works out at our  mini gym in the basement.  Building up our own  home gym is  a lot cheaper than  having a gym  membership.  It is convenient and we can use it for a long long time.
Gifts doesn't have to be expensive.  I firmly believe that it is the thought that counts.  

6 Best Ideas to Accessorize the Mother of the Bride Dresses with your Own Style

It’s very important to accessorize your dress rightly, as it can change the whole look of yours. A right accessory can take your look to another level. If you have picked up a very beautiful dress and no accessories, you will certainly miss that charm. For mother of the brides, makeup and accessories should be kept minimal to get that sophisticated and classy look.

Here are the 6 best ideas to accessorize the mother of the bride dresses with your own style:

1. Corsages:

Corsages are often worn by mother of the brides. They look elegant and classy. The color should coincide with the flowers being used in the decorations or the bouquet of the bride. But don’t go too heavy with the corsages as it will only add up to the floral budget list. Keep it minimal. There are many videos available over the internet for you to browse and learn how to make DIY ones. They look best with any of the mother of the bride dresses you choose.

2. Necklace:

A Statement necklace can instantly boost up any look you opt for. If you have chosen a dress which has a deep neckline or strapless one, you can go with elegant and bold neckpieces. However, being a mother of the bride, simple and minimal neckpieces will be the ideal choice for you. You can keep the earrings heavy with minimal neckpieces.

3. Earrings:

Another accessory to brighten up the whole look is earrings. They will give some structure to your face and goes well with any hairstyle. Cascading earrings suits everyone’s style and face. Pearls are a trend these days, so you can choose pearls to rock any dress you wear. If you are someone who can’t manage with long earrings, go for studs. After all, your comfort comes first!

4. Hats:

Hats make a wonderful accessory for mother of the brides. Nowadays, there are many beautiful options and designs available in hats. You just need to explore them. Hats should be chosen according to the wedding location. If it’s a spring summer wedding and the location is a garden or lawn, then wearing a hat becomes an ideal choice. But if it’s a beach wedding, hat would not go well with the theme of it.

Also, hats look perfect with the mother of the bride dresses tea length.

5. Shoes:

Pumps make the best option for the mother of the brides. Peep toe pumps which are glittery and mostly silver colored looks ideal with mother of the bride dresses tea length. However, it’s always best to choose shoes which make you comfortable. If you haven’t worn heels during your whole life, don’t go for heels then. Wear decent flats or the heel size in which you are comfortable in.

6. Clutch:

A clutch that is compact and complements your outfit is an ideal accessory to choose. You can carry a small perfume, lipstick or highlighter for touch-ups. Always go for clutches which have extra straps with it, so that you do not need to carry it in your hands all around. Bucket slings are trending these days and it goes well with any of your dress.

It’s a wrap here! Go and rock the party by accessorizing your mother of the bride dresses with your own style and comfort.

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4 of the Best Financial Decisions You Can Make for YourFamily

Whenyou decide to start a family, a lot ofresponsibility accompanies it. You now have people whose wellbeing you’reresponsible for, and in the midst of all of that, looking after yourself isequally important. One of the best ways to lookafter your family is by making financial decisions that will give them abrighter future. Although every decision you make probably won’t be right, youcan increase your chances of making the right ones by acquiring the correctknowledge. There are some financial decisions that you can make that shouldensure everyone is comfortable in the long term.

Creating a College Fund

If you have young kids, you will want to see them do betterthan you have in life. As you know, education can create so many more opportunities, so securing a college fund for them may be awise idea. Instead of overwhelming yourself with the cost of fees and putting savingoff, take it a day at a time. If you were to saveas little as $100 a month, that wouldgive you $1,200 a year which could be much more over the next ten years. Hereare a few ways to save for their college fund below.

Savingsaccount:Opening a savings account is one of the most ideal and safest ways to save foryour kids’ college fund. It is an easyway of saving but be careful because a disadvantage is that it could reduce theamount of financial aid they get.

529 CollegePlans: Youcould also explore the option of 529 college plans if you like the idea ofinvesting after-tax money into stock and bond funds. You could then withdrawthe money tax-free for qualified education expenses.

PrepaidTuition Plans: A third option to explore for your kids’ college fund is a prepaidtuition plan. This is only ideal ifyou’re sure that your kids will attend an in-state public university and it allowsyou to pay for tuition credits in advance.

Life Insurance

Anothergreat financial decision you can make foryour family is getting life insurance. Thiscan spook people out if they feel doing so is a badomen, but death is an investable reality everyone is going to have to face.What you don’t want is to have your kids burdened with financial difficultiesif you leave earlier than anticipated. To avoid this, look into best term lifeinsurance, so they have some financial support if the unexpected happens. The good thing is that you could choose to get it for a term of 5, 10, 20 or 30 years.

Emergency Fund

Rainydays are going to happen more often than you’d like, but they aren’t so bad ifyou’re well prepared for them. To protect your family’s wellbeing, always have an emergency fund stashed away that youcan access in the case of financial downturns.

Doing so should serve as a security net in the case of unemployment, majorfixes, or unforeseen medical expenses. To actuallyhave enough in your emergency fund, you may need to learn to be more frugal andcut down on leisure expenses.


WarrenBuffet himself advises that people invest in low-coststocks and bonds, so this is an option to try. You could even buy stocks for under $10, but it’s advisable thatyou stick with industries you have knowledgeon. Get a brokerage firm or financialadvisor to give you advice in this regard. However, you want to know that whenyou retire, you have passive income and won’t be a financial burden to thosearound you.

Ultimately,you want to make financial decisions that benefit the entire family. Eventhough you may not be able to control the future, you can influence it by makingthe right choices.

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4 Things to Consider Before You Go Traveling

Traveling as afamily is something many people dream of happening to them. Whether you areplanning a getaway in your home country or somewhere across the world, there are countless positives that can comefrom traveling. When you explore a new place together, you can create some amazing memories that you won’t ever want toforget. However, there are some parts of traveling that can cause your trip tobe more stressful than fun. Before you depart, it’s wise to consider and tacklesome crucial things. This will thisensure you fully relax and enjoy your new surroundings when you are away.

Any health problems

Sometimes,health problems can cause more hassle when you are traveling if they are not tackled before you leave. Having ahealth problem hanging over you may result in more trips to medical facilitiesin a new country. Many people are currently suffering from chronic health issues, mental health problems, and addiction.If you are hoping to resolve these problems before you leave, it’s best tospeak to a medical professional or follow analcohol addiction treatment programme. It is true that nobody should be prohibited fromtraveling, just because they are ill.
Can you afford it?

Often, thebiggest thing standing in the way of some people traveling is a lack of money.While traveling on a shoestring budgetcan be done, when you have kids it is better not to take the risk by saving enough money. It may mean you end up waiting longerto go traveling, but it promises you will have a trip free from financialworries over any hidden costs. Ideally, you should make sure you have travelinsurance to cover the entire family, which will be a huge help if you encounter any emergencies along the way.
Your destination

There are lotsof questions you should be asking yourself when you are looking for adestination to visit, such as the native culture, local currency, as well ashow safe it is for families. While most destinations can boast a great repertoire, there are others which maynot be the best option, especially if you are traveling with young children.You should think about where will be most rewarding for you and your family tovisit, especially if you are hoping to educate your children when you are there. However, you shouldalso prioritize your search to include family-friendly resorts.
How you will get there

Unfortunately,the attraction of visiting an exotic island is often outweighed by howdifficult it is to get there. This is whymany families choose to drive to a destination within their home country, asthere is plenty to explore without the hassle. If you are set on flying acrossthe world, you should make sure to book your flights far enough in advance tosave money, and plan how to make the trip easier. It may well be that thehassle involved with flying with the whole family is more than worth it for thefun times you have together.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gun Concealment Bench

For Father's Day, I bought  my husband this gun concealment bench to store his  guns.  They have been  in the closet  ever since we  moved in this  home  so I wanted  him to have a proper storage for it.  He wanted  a gun safe that  would show  each of them but I thought this bench is a great idea.  I don't really want to display  guns so this is perfect.  
I bought it  at Hayneedle online and I was worried that it would have  some  damage when delivered.  I was right with my worries.
 The  bottom part of the drawer was  coming apart  from the  sides.  The staples  for some reason are pulling apart from the wood.
 I had to correct  the issue before my husband could see it because I did want him to say "this is a piece of junk!"  He never want to buy any  piece of furniture online because he can't see it and it is hard to return them when it's delivered at your home already, it's a hassle really.
 Aside from the drawer issue, the varnish  is also starting to chip off on one of the panels.
 I was gonna try to assemble it myself and surprise my husband  with it as a complete piece but I gave up.  It needs two people to  ]put it together.
 The drawer also have some dents.
 The tools and other accessories  is also lacking the allen wrench.  The number 12 is there but the wrench is not, I was very disappointed.  Luckily, we have one available at home.
 Here's more damage on the wood.
 Anyway, my husband liked it except the part that it was a little hard to put together.  Some of the parts where  screw needs to be drilled, they did not pre-drilled it so we had to drill it ourselves.
 Despite the  small  dents and other issues, it was actually a good piece for the price.  It is made in Vietnam and the wood is  real and not the composite one, my husband hates those composite stuff.
So now, all of his stuff have a storage and we  have an extra space for sitting.  I love the fact that all of it are now locked in one place where kids can't get to it.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Top Kitchen Gadget Essentials

When it comes to having a functional kitchen,it is important that the right tools and gadgets are available. Having yourkitchen stocked with the right items makes preparing your meals efficient andmore straightforward. Preparing dinner becomes less of a bother, and it makesyour meal prep a more liberating experience.
The right kitchen essentials can make anoverall difference in your lifestyle, as you’ll be more inclined to make yourmeals and perhaps even eat healthier. Great gadgets in your kitchen can improvehow you manage time and a variety of other things. Here is a list of the topkitchen gadgets you can consider stocking in your kitchen.

Cutting Board

If you plan on cooking in your kitchen at all,you will undoubtedly need a cutting board. This kitchen utensil, although not agadget is one the most fundamental things you will need. A cutting board willkeep your vegetables, meat, and whatever else you seek to chop or dice inplace.
 cutting boards featuring index-style tabs to indicate which food type they should be used for –
 raw meat, vegetables, fish and cooked food. 

Vegetable Steamer

Steaming your vegetables is a great way to retainits nutrients and promote healthy eating. A vegetable steamer isconvenient and is sure to encourage your consumption of vegetables daily. Itmakes it very easy to steam your vegetables, plus the clean up is a cinch.

Colander/ Strainer

If you plan on cooking pasta, a colander orstrainer will be beneficial to have in your kitchen.  Having one on hand enables you to quicklystrain the water from pasta, canned foods, as well as vegetables and fruitsafter they have been washed. There are many innovative and fascinatingstrainers and colanders on the market.


A grater is also a fantastic tool to have inthe kitchen. Whether you need it for grating cheese or lime, it will come inhandy.


Having a kitchenaidblender in your kitchen is a must. If you love blending fruits to makedelicious smoothies, mix ingredients for pancakes, homemade sauces, purees andso much more. A blender can cut down on time and like many other things,encourage you to eat out less and make more tasty dishes at home.

Herb Mill

If you love using fresh herbs in your mealsbut hate the idea of cutting them up finely, an herb mill can do that for you.It is a fast and simple way to mince fresh herbs and add them to recipes.
There are so many great gadgets on the marketthat are perfect for making cooking at home very simple. After all, this is thevery reason that many people choose to order out. However, with the gadgets andessentials mentioned above, cooking at home can be great.

Other gadgets that can be considered areengraved rolling pins which add designs to your flour for baking.  Pizza scissors, tea infusers, popcorn makers,yolk separators, pasta servers, and many others can be included as part of yourkitchen.  However, in the end, the mostimportant thing is to have items that make operating in the kitchen a breeze.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Perfect Mother's Day Gift for Busy Moms

It's that time of the year again when motherhood is  celebrated.  Being a Mom is such a great blessing.  It has given me the opportunity to know the things that I never cared for when I was single.  It has given me the chance to do  the things that I did not think I could do prior to being a Mom.

 Becoming a Mom, made me appreciate my own Mom even more.  I don't think I can top  all the things that she has done for  us 9 children but I am glad and grateful  that she is my Mom, she taught me so much!  Thank you Ma!

This Mother's Day, there are so many things that we can give to our Moms.  I wish My Mom is into gadget but she is one of the few old school Moms who doesn't even want a phone.  She does not like to  fool with gadgets.  She said it's giving her a headache when  one time we  tried to  give her  a phone so I can easily talk to her.  She said "if you want to talk to me, see me."  So that's that.  I wish I could see her everyday but it's impossible. 
Anyway, for those  who have a tech savvy Mom and love to travel, this full-size bluetooth travel keyboard is a perfect gift you can give.  This  folds into a convenient size to bringing along wherever you go.   This is such a perfect gadget for those who work while they travel.  This comes with a protective case that feels like leather and folds into a convenient stand for your tablet or smartphone when using the keyboard. It has a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery that charges quickly from a standard USB port for weeks of normal use.  You can get this via AMAZON  for $49.95 WITH FREE SHIPPING.  You can  plug the keyboard in a USB port and use it like a USB keyboard. It is compatible with  Android, iOS, and Windows and it can connect to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other Apple Bluetooth device.
    My son's teacher  had a special treat for all the Moms  in her class.  She invited us for a brunch in their classroom where the kids served their Mom waffles with  fruits and other toppings.  Their teacher  brought a waffle mix and waffle  maker.  

    It makes me wish I have a Waffle maker like this one that I saw  on Amazon.  I am not  a pancake fan but I like eating waffles.  I have never made it at home though, I always bought the frozen one from the store.  

    Another thing I wish I have in my kitchen is a Pressure cooker like this one.  Having this means  that I can create a   great meal in  a press of a button.  I see some bloggers  that features  all the dishes they make  using pressure cooker that's why I wish I have one myself.
    If  there's one thing you want to  have for MOther's Day, what would you like to have?  Would you consider any of the three I featured above?  Anyway, happy MOther's Day to all the Moms out there. 

    Thursday, February 8, 2018

    #CarLoanPaidOffand #FinancialStrategies this Year

    2016 was critically hard for us financially because we bought a new house and  we were still paying the mortgage of the old house.  It was really tight, I was stressed out but when we  sold our  old house, we were okay.  2017  was a better  year,   I was able to  save all of my blogging  income and also  set aside some amount  from hubby's  salary.  He did not know that I have saved  almost 10 grand so before the end of the  year last year, we paid off the car loan we had for his sports car.  The interest on that car loan was 6.99% and it kills me  paying the interest every month.  I am so glad  we were able to pay it off before 2018 started.

    This year, we have made some changes so that we can cut cost and save some money for emergencies and rainy days.  I was  encouraging my husband that we should cut our cable off last year but he did not buy the idea of  not having TV but I am so glad that this year, he finally got on board with me.  It's nice having cable but the cost is getting so expensive  and we don't even use it all the time.  With all the garbage  shows you see on TV these days, I  lost  interest in watching.  We were paying $233 every month for a bundle of phone, cable and internet every month last year  and for me that was too much.  So we decided to cut our  landline phone and cable which saves us $130  each month.  We also bought our own modem for the internet which also saves $11 a month.

    We cut our contract with  AT&T for the cellphones and switched to Metro PCS.  For 4 lines, we only pay $106 every month and  there's no contract.  We decided to get our children  cellphones  because they are at the age where they go places and we  would love to be able to keep track on them when they are not with us.   However, I made them signed a contract that  cellphones are not free, therefore, they will have to be  responsible in taking care of it and that they have to do their part to  regularly  help around the house when they are not in school.  It works great because, I don't have to  tell them to do things now, they do it voluntarily without buts or ifs.  With the switch, we were able to  get new phones for the 4 of us for less than what it  would cost if we added  two  new lines with our former contract with AT&T.

    Another saving strategy that we incorporated this year is  selling  unwanted  things that are just laying around the house.  So far, I have rid of  a lot of things and  put that money into  our savings for the kids  school tuition  next school year.

    The following strategies works for us and it might work for you.
    Pulling the plug on cable and landline phone.  If you want to  watch movies on TV, you can  subscribe to Netflix, that's what we did.  They gave us  a month free and  I think we are going to keep it.  It only cost $7.99 a month, a lot better than cable cost.
     If you want to watch  local news, you can buy an indoor HDTV antenna that you can  connect to your TV, that's what we did, it only cost $19.99.

    Buying your own internet modem.  Comcast charges $11 a month for  modem, if you buy your own, it cost $50 and you don't have to keep paying for something that isn't your own.

    Sell things that you no longer use, I know a lot of us has a lot of these things laying around the house.  Gifts that we received but never used are common things.

    Cook your own food at home rather than going to  a fast food chain.  It is healthier and it is cheaper plus you  spend quality time together in the dinner table, it's a great bonding  time with the family. We still go out once in a while  but it is just on special occasion.  I cook almost everyday  and we eat together and get to  have time to catch up and  communicate with each other.

    Instead of Paying for a Gym Membership, try to  set up a home gym.  You will save in the long run doing this and the whole family can benefit and use it  anytime of the day.  Staying active  helps  the family to stay healthy and away from sickness.
    Our HomeGym
    Our goal is to  pay  extra hundred dollars with our mortgage payment every month  so that we can pay it off early.  Hopefully, we can achieve this sooner so that my husband can retire and we can be debt-free.  I know that's a  long shot but  every little  changes we  do  can help achieve that.

    Monday, February 5, 2018

    Saving Money on your Summer Break

    Now that Christmas is long behind us, and we've survived what must have been the longest January ever, it's time to start thinking about the warmer months. Springs just around the corner and summer vacations aren't a million miles away. Your summer holiday is a wonderful way to break up the year. It helps you to relax and unwind while giving you a chance to see some of the World and get some much-needed sunshine. 

    But, summer vacations can be ridiculously expensive. Especially if you are tied to the school holidays and other peak times. It could be easy to spend a small fortune and find yourself paying it off until next summer. However, there are some fantastic ways to save money, and it's perfectly possible to have a fantastic summer break without breaking the bank. Let's take a look at them.

    Book Now

    Booking early means that you can get some great deals and that you've got longer to save. Start looking at packages now and book as soon as you can. You'll probably just need to pay a small deposit to start with, and then you'll have months to pay off the balance and start saving some spending money.

    Book Later

    On the other hand, booking later can also be a great option. Book some time off work and look at what last minute deals are available a few weeks before. You might not have as much choice, but it could also be a great adventure and take you somewhere you'd never have picked otherwise. 

    Take Less Cash

    We all like to have plenty of spending money on holiday. Taking lots of cash means that you can enjoy all of the tourist attractions, eat out all of the time, buy what you want and enjoy your vacation in luxury. But, it's not essential. Spending less while you are away is a brilliant way to save money on your break. Book any excursions you are desperate to go on online before you go to get the best rates. You could also book city-wide travel pass and tickets to events before you go to save money. 

    Avoid Tourist Hotspots

    Popular destinations are expensive, but if you are desperate to see them, you may need to take out a loan from debtconsolidation.loans to free up some spare cash and finance your trip. Smaller, less well-known destinations can be even better. They give you a chance to get a more authentic view of local life, to enjoy traditional experiences and do your break, your way. Explore on foot, get to know the locals, avoid busy restaurants and instead head to family establishments or cook for yourself. 

    Stay Local

    Staycations are more popular than ever and to be honest, most of us just enjoy having some time off work to relax. You don't need to spend a fortune traveling across the world to have a great time. Most of us don't ever fully explore places much closer to home. Look at day trips in your local area, or visit the next city along.

    Thursday, February 1, 2018

    Shop The Sales (Without Hurting Your Finances)


    There’s something about items on sale that delights us. We see that red discount label and our minds are alight, suddenly coursing with adrenaline as we think of the bargains we might be able to find. We head to the discount section, marvelling over the reduced prices, and delight in the money we’re able to save. 

    There’s no denying that sales shopping is fun, but there’s also no denying that it can be potentially problematic. Sales have a tendency to grab hold of our attention and prevent us from making the wise purchasing decisions we would normally make. If this happens often enough, you can find your spending spiralling to a point that your sales shopping is becoming a problem

    However, the answer to this potential issue isn’t to not shop the sales at all -- a bargain is a bargain, after all! -- but to ensure your sales shopping is as smart as it can be. Read on for a few essential tips to keep in mind the next time you see discounted prices in your favorite store… 

    Set a strict budget 

    It’s one thing to want to grab a bargain, but you need to place restrictions on your spending as well. Giving yourself an open door to spend whatever you want, just because items are on sale, is a surefire way to spend far more than is justifiable. 

    Spend in cash where possible 

    While your new credit card sourced through Best.creditcard might be burning a hole in your pocket, sales shopping should always be done in cash. If you can’t literally afford the item right now, then buying it while it’s on sale is a bad idea. You have to factor in the fact that sales make us want to buy things we don’t even need; ensuring that you only buy in cash is by far the best way to ensure you are able to fight back against this problem. 

    Avoid big sale events 

    Big sales events, such as Black Friday, have a tendency to be a letdown. The stock on sale is often not the kind of thing you’d buy at full price, so the savings you make aren’t necessarily as good as they initially appear. It’s far better to look for individual sales at stores that you already like and frequent. You can use one of the apps featured on usnews.com if you want to ensure you’re always up-to-date with which stores have sales running at any given time. 

    Ask yourself one question before you make any sales purchase 

    The question is: “If I had the money available, would I buy this at the full retail price?”

    If the answer is no, then put it down and move onto something else. Unless you believe an item important enough to be worth paying the full price for, you don’t need it. 

    In conclusion

    By keeping the above in mind, you can be sure that your sales shopping will be nothing but pleasurable, ensuring you don’t have a financial hangover from your splurge. Enjoy!


    Victorious Smile!

    She won an internationalsmile contest for the month of October2009.This contest was sponsored by Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Oral Health Sciences, University of British Columbia, Canada.

    God bless y'all!