Tips for Keeping Your Home Cooler and Preserving the Service of Your Air Conditioner

h片Air conditioners are considered by most to be one of the most welcome inventions because they allow people to stay cool and comfortable even when the temperatures outside are raging with heat. Though many homeowners know how to properly care for their system, most are not fully aware of the maintenance tasks they should be carrying out or the signs they should look for to know they need central Air Conditioning Service Summit NJ. With this information, homeowners can be fully prepared to take the best care of their system.

There are a few key maintenance tasks people will need to carry out on their air conditioner:

The filter absolutely must be changed on a regular basis. During use, the filter should be changed at least once a month and more often during peak use. A clean filter allows the system to properly breathe so it does not overheat.

The condensate drain and tray need to be kept clean and free of mold and mildew growth so the drain does not become clogged. It can be helpful to use a small amount of bleach to clean these areas. Pouring a capful of bleach down the drain line can help to unclog the drain and keep the system draining properly.

Proper maintenance should also include removing weeds and grass from around the outside of the unit. If weeds and grass grow up around the unit, this can lead to what is called "choking" of the system which can lead to overheating.

If all of these maintenance chores are carried out on a regular basis, there will be less of a need for ac repair summit nj. If problems do arise, a homeowner needs to be aware of the warning signs they need to look for so they will know when to call for prompt repairs.


Strange noises and smells -- If a system is making strange noises or has a burning smell, it needs to be shut down immediately. Strange noises could be caused by loose parts while burning smells could mean there is a fire risk.

Improper cooling -- When some rooms seem to stay warmer than others, a system is not cooling at the level it should.

Long system cycles -- System cycles should occur on a regular basis. The system should only shut down when it reaches the set temperature.

Frequent breaker trips -- Should breakers continuously trip, the system could be in danger of causing a fire.

If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact Air Conditioning Service Jersey City NJ right away. They will come out and fully inspect a system to find the problem so it can be properly repaired. Call them today for further information.