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Monday, 24 February 2014

Get Healthier This Holi With The Purest Aqua

You must have spent some special moments on this Valentines with yourpartner and are still in a mood to rejoice. Apart from cuddling with eachother, indulging in deliciously cooked meals is something that every one looksforward to.

 Food is something that holds a special position in almosteveryone’s life. Those who  want to create a romantic ambience in the house lookafter the decorations and prepare food themselves whereas others simply love tospend the entire day out roaming around the city.

During the moments of celebrations, we tend to forget about our healthand can’t help but indulge in some oily food stuffs that are otherwise not goodfor heath. It is essential to make sure about the health benefits of what weput inside our stomach. It is due to all the unhealthy factors that go down inthe process of food making that cause all sorts of diseases.

When we indulge ourselves in the street food, we generally do not keepa track of the quality of aqua that gets used while cooking the food stuffs andthereby often fall ill. It is always better to ensure about the health benefits before tickling onsomething tasty and junk. You would surely not like to end up having medicinesafter enjoying a blissful date. Although the Valentine’s month is going to getover within a week but the mood of festivities has just begun.

The month of March marks as the beginning of the festivals and Holi iscoming up next in the list of holidays. It is known to all that Holi is the festivalof colors, food, sweets and bhang. The juicy sweets are the season’s favoriteand pampering yourself with these sweets while putting colors on each other’sface is something that everyone cherishes. Various skin problems are increasing by the day and with the use of contaminatedaqua, one is bound to develop skin irritation leading to rashes, acne,psoriasis, etc. 

Since skin is one of the most delicate organs in our body hence weshould always check the efficiency of all what we put on it. Even if it is theliquid with which we bath, wash ourselves should be checked properly to ensurethe safety. The liquid with which the various sweets, food items and bhang getprepared during the occasion of Holi should be extracted from the plants supplying purest mineral water.This way one will be able to enjoy the festivities while munching in the tastyfood items prepared as per the traditional customs.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tasty Sweets need Pure Water

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Whenwe were small kids then most of us loved sweet items to the hilt. They could beindigenous sweets like Mithais orwesternized sweets like toffees. The liquid syrup based mithais have beenmore crucial to eat as they ultimately involve the presence of water. This alsoshows that even when it comes to leisure in food items, purity of water againbecomes of utmost importance. 

Sugaryand Coca products are picking up as promising businesses in the years to come.Kids across the World love to eat such goodies so such business options hardlyfail. Since they are eatery products which involve softness and sweet taste,water acts as an important ingredient within them.

Manypeople, especially kids would be excited to see a plant which deals with candy or chocolate, toffee & other suchsweet manufacturing. People handling such machinery make sure that the waterused within them is of utmost quality and is also free from any impurities orpoisonous elements. After all, such precaution needs to be taken so that potentialincidents of food poisoning can be avoided.

 Since these sweet products are not only eatenby kids but also be adults alike so there should be zero compromise withquality. Even people from the authorities have started taking this sweet food health issue into itscognizance. Various products like Bubble Gums, Lollipops and so on are alsocovered by such machinery. Water in huge, medium or minute quantity is surelyinvolved in manufacturing these products.

 Aswe can make out from these food products that certain sugar elements likeglucose, fructose and so on are involved as ingredients in their making. Theyare like or taste enhancers to be precise. Water surely needs to be very muchpure so that any impurities may not react with these chemicals to give acomplicated chemical reaction. Such reactions form the basis for food poisoningthrough these sweet products. It is believed that children are the future ofour nation so their health needs to be of prime concern.

Suchmachinery which makes these sweet products like bubble gums and lollipops consist of advanced components likeVacuum Cooker. Such machines are automated in their working so that manpowereffort is minimum. This not only saves overhead costs but also speeds up theprocess of making these goodies for the kids. Let’s hope for a pure sweet madeout of water for our dear kids.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Aqua Purification, The Prime Environmental Concern

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Aqua is an essential part of our lives. Wecannot stay without consuming aqua. We also need to remember that aqua comesfrom the environment around us as its source is truly natural. So we alsoneed to see that our surroundings should be kept clean. Clean environmentequals to clean aqua.

 Suchfactors seem to suggest that Land Pollution is somewhere responsible for aqua pollution. It is not always necessary that only direct dumping of trashelements into aqua bodies can lead to its pollution. Various pollutants fromthe land slowly get dumped into the aqua bodies through external factors likewinds and so on.

                                            Image Courtsey- aquatechnology.net                      

 With various environmental concerns rising bythe day, plants dealing with treatment of waterare becoming very crucial.  They need tofilter out all the possible impurities and wastes which are accumulated withinthe aqua in the form of sludge. This kind of fat sludge needs to be filteredand modern machinery can only do such processing.

  Manyimpurities like sand or mud, garbage elements which include human waste are allfiltered out to lighten the aqua in its purification purpose. Apart from humanwaste, many other wastes also need to be shunted out of the aqua like animalwaste, agricultural waste, industrial waste and even civil waste. The civil waste consists of garbage elements as we had discussed before.

Animal waste consists of excreta coming frommany mammals and even birds if we can include them within the non-humans. Civilwaste also consists of human excreta coming from sewerage lines. When we seeall such factors coming into the picture that make us feel dizzy so wecan conclude that aqua needs instant purification.

  At themoment we were talking about the impurities come from our environment into theaqua. We can further talk about the chemical impurities coming into the aquasources. Various chemicals, especially those which are toxic in nature need tobe extracted out of the aqua to sanitize it.

The aim of this blog is not to make you feelawful about aqua bodies in our Natural surroundings but to urge the needof purifying them. Modern Industrial Processes are just the solution to purifyaqua and convert it into its drinkable form for all we humans. Such issues arenow being raised and need to be raised further nationally &internationally. After all, the future of our coming generations lies insupplying clean and pure aqua.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

TopQuality Means a Healthy Life

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Aquadenotes life. So we can easily say that pureaqua means a healthy life. Aqua can only be considered pure when it adheresto high quality standards. Here, it should be made sure that the aqua underconsideration is made free of toxic, chemical and biological entities.
Apartfrom these elements, it should also be made free from the basic impurities thatit encounters in Natural surroundings. Industrial machinery with a professionalset up can make such aqua purificationpossible. Such a system requires a huge amount of capital, immense planning,adequate manpower for construction and maintenance and proper coordinationamongst all departments involved in the set up. A well-defined cost benefitanalysis study is a great solution to address these issues before designingsuch a costly system.
Sciencesuggests that around seventy five percent of our body weight comprises of aqua.So it’s obvious that the aqua which goes into our body should be of greatquality. The purity of wateralong with minerals is a plant’s great concern. It should bemade sure that the aqua within the system should be made soft.

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It is so as hard aqua can never be healthy forconsumption even if its toxins are removed. The fact of the matter is that our stomach, liver and intestine liningsare extremely soft. So passage of hard aqua through them may just corrode theirskin linings. So the TDS alias Totally Dissolve Solids Value of the aqua needsto be carefully addressed. Nowadays, you must have noticed that the popularR.O. System has come into place within aqua purifiers. This system has alsobeen introduced within the aqua purifying plants.
Afterthe aqua is converted into its soft format, some other tasks are also needed tobe accomplished. The stage of Re-Mineralization is yet another importantprocess in purifying the aqua. Here, additional minerals are also consideredinto the aqua softening treatment. These minerals are added along with thechemical composition of the aqua to balance the chemical composition of theaqua.
 These are some crucial stages through whichaqua needs to pass for attaining its purified format. Even some machinery elements need to beconsidered when it comes to aqua purification. Such parts are like StatusIndicator Lights, Magnetic Starter and TFCMembranes to name a few. Such elements form as vital parts within an R.O.based aqua processing systems.
Thenext stage which we can discuss regarding aqua purification is the Manpower. Weneed skilled Manpower to initially design such a complex system for processingof aqua. We also need equally skilled workforce in order to maintain such machineriesfor years and decades to come. Thus, we can say that a systematic and modernsystem can provide pure aqua to keep us healthy.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Plastic Channel, The Modern Water Treatment Medium


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 Manypeople who are not related to the heavy industries sector may be thinking aboutthe increasing popularity of Polyvinyl Chloride material in the designing oftubes meant to be used for liquid or gas transfer in industrial establishmentnowadays.

 The reasons are numerous and this has made the usage of these tubesprevalent in other sectors like Real Estate and so on also. This Plastic Tube work set up is used for the easy conveyance of liquids like chemicals, heating fluid and water. So the watertreatment industry can’t remain away from utilizing this modern tube work setup.

Inthe past few years we have seen that plants treating waste water are using pipes made of PVC so that processingcan become more efficient. A few years back, tubes made of traditional metalslike Copper or Iron were used in such establishments. These tubes had broughttheir own set of problems. 


  Image Courtsey: Chemtronics  Technology
 Iron tubes were easily prone to rust, thuscontaminating the water which would pass through them. Copper Tubes werefinancially unvisitable as Copper is a very expensive metal to purchase at alltimes. You’ll be amazed to know that even wood was used in the designing ofsuch tubes but it is not a tough material to make tubes handle all types ofpassing liquids with varying chemical compositions.

Afterobserving such setbacks in the past several years, industry experts thought ofusing this tubework made out of Polyvinyl Chloride material. It overcomes thenegative points of those conventionalmetal tubes. Such tubes also have advantages of their own, thus makingwater treatment machinery more efficient to operate. 

These tubes can be madeflexible according to the requirements by adding plasticizers to them. They canbe carved into any shape or form before installing them into an operationalframework. They’ll just get more popular within the years to come.