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Beswick Engineering leads the way in fluid power design and manufactures pressure regulators, quick disconnects, valves and fittings. But what makes us different? Our commitment to provide top notch technical assistance and innovative product designs.

Custom Fittings, Quick Disconnects, Valves and Pressure Regulators

We offer many innovative products, but sometimes you may need something that has never been made before. That’s where our Custom Designs department helps to create something exactly for your application.

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Get the Pressure Regulators, Quick Disconnects, Valves and Fittings for your team’s most demanding applications, ready to deal with the harshest gases and liquids.

Fittings, Quick Disconnects, Valves and Pressure Regulators, Ready to Innovate

No matter what your industry, we have the latest in fluid power designs to allow you to stay at the cutting edge in your field.

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Our staff of degreed engineers is ready to learn about your application, listen to your questions, make suggestions and offer solutions.

Featured Product

Beswick Engineering’s MBVT-1414 selector ball valve allows for easy switching between an A and B port and also includes an off position.? The 1/4-28 threads of the MBVT-1414 allow for higher flow rates than our smaller MBVT-1010, 10-32 threaded valve.

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