Mind and Body


A refresher on the past 6 months of the pandemic, and what might come next.


Brain Wave

153 severe Covid-19 patients reveal how the disease affects the brain

"Now we have a handle on the scale of the problem."

We've lived with novel coronavirus for six months – an eternity in quarantine time.

Even now, Covid-19 continues to surprise scientists, who have recently added brain complications to a list of consequences that include respiratory problems, GI discomfort, and effects on the kidney, liver, and heart.


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A 40-year study reveals the ideal amount of vacation needed to live longer

A vacation is worth more than a chance to relax in the sun.

Westend61 / Getty Images

Taking a vacation is not only an opportunity to relax, see new places, and try new things — it may also help you live longer, according to research. In short, the more vacation is taken, the better.