What's Your Story?

If your company’s technical and engineering content isn’t…





Building your organizational


Generating new business leads

Telling a compelling story

Engaging your audience

…then it’s not doing its job.


Every white paper, customer case study, technical report, or sell sheet is your opportunity to tell a story. We’ll help you take the most complex concepts and make them meaningful for everyone.


If your organization employs engineers, IT pros, and other critical knowledge workers, it needs to share stories about their accomplishments to customers, sales teams, and business partners. 


But articulating a wealth of engineering, IT, and other technical knowledge to a non-technical audience isn’t easy, but it’s a critical must-have. Writing often takes a backseat to "real” work and there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete technical work, let alone to write it down.

“No one really loves being interrupted by a sales pitch. But everyone likes a good story. The businesses that can tell a good story today will have an advantage tomorrow.” 

-- Joe Lazaukas, author, The Storytelling Edge and founder of Contently.