The Best Selling Times On Ebay


The Best Selling Times On Ebay Sparked By A Constant Deluge Of Misinformation That Oozes From The Internet And From The Corners of Self-Declared Ebay Experts Mouths I have Decided To Publish An Excerpt From The Original Ebay Auction Book: The Only Online Auction Course You'll Ever Need.

Specifically, a question that rises up more often than not is: "What are the best selling times on Ebay?"

And despite POPULAR Belief there is NOT one, set answer. Even today, as I pound these letters out of my keyboard, there are MANY who believe wholeheartedly there is only one window of opportunity on Ebay, in order to be successful. I strongly disagree. The short answer is, it depends.

First, as a preface, read this excerpt from The Only Online Auction Course You'll Ever Need:


As a Marketer, you are always looking for the best, most efficient, most leveraged, most profitable, Marketing: methods, materials, components, practices, sales copy, headlines, etc.... And all of it gets tested.

Long story short, track everything. Keep track of your results. Write them down, keep a file folder, a journal, or track such information on your computer. What ad is pulling the best? How could you make it better? Always strive for better.

Never test more than one thing at a time! You may want to test the same thing over and over again--and yes, there are many marketers who spend literally, their whole lifetime testing--but they are also the most successful, and profitable!

The rookie would think about testing in this way: “Hey, If ain’t broken, why fix it?” or “Why would I change it? It’s making a lot of money!” Even if you believe your Marketing piece is the best, it can always be better. Take the advertisement that was pulling in a return of 400%. Pretty damn good, eh? By changing just one word in the headline, I wasn’t pulling the 400% any more--but 600%, and trying a double headline increased my return on investment (ROI) to 2100%. That’s over five times better!

When you believe you’ve produced your best advertisement, and you think you’ve exhausted the testing of it--your next task, is to use that ad as your control piece, and then create other ads with the full intent to knock your control piece off the stool. Always test, always improve.

When you do find an improvement through testing, perhaps a 10% increase, apply it everywhere it fits, and see if you can milk the 10%, ultimately creating additional 20% plus improvement.

Testing isn’t just about making more money, but finding better ways to do all that is required for your business--however big or small it is. What if you could find a way to save an hour of your time each day? Or spend less time standing in line at the post office? Or how about putting less gas in your car? Or saving 10% on your shipping costs? Get the point?

Testing allows you to develop systems, leading to more bang for your buck, as you’ll soon read about in number nine. Why gamble with your money, guessing? Test small and expand (or try something else) based on what you find.

With online auctions you test: every component of your Marketing (headlines, copy, search titles, etc.), your backend, your upsell, the category you are in, the time you post your auction, the day you post, the length of time you run it, the price, the body copy (description), your guarantee, your bonuses, your product, the packaging of your product, etc., etc....

How high is high?You’ll never know unless you test--and track your results.

That being said, here are some additional things to keep in mind in relation to Testing and finding the best selling times on Ebay to run your Online Actions.

Remember that you want to concentrate not on the entry point, but the exit point. In other words, don't make the mistake of concentrating on when to begin your Online Auctions on Ebay, but instead decide on the best times to END your Auctions.

Remember that Auctions on Ebay are Based on Pacific Time [PST]. In my case here in Cincinnati, I am three hours ahead of California time, Ebay time.

Remember that in order to get full exposure to your market (the people who are Interested and have Bought from you before) must be able to SEE your auctions on their schedule. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken advantage of naive sellers who are clueless that they shouldn't end their auctions at 3 am in the morning, when MOST aren't AWAKE to give a damn. I'm a night owl, so I am an exception to that rule, but you don't have to be a Genius to know that main-stream society revolves around people getting up in the morning, fighting traffic around 5 pm, and going to bed in the evening.

There is NOT one, sweeping answer to the question: the best selling times n Ebay. You cannot tell me that if you are selling to "Soccer Moms" or Senior Citizens the savvy seller would SELL to them the SAME way. Such thinking is indeed, ludicrous.

The Ironic Part of the Last Paragraph Is That I Might Be Making A Huge Assumption On Your Behalf!

I know how I sell on Ebay. I know how I advise other to sell on Ebay, or Online Auctions in general. And while selecting, and narrowing down the most pin-point specific time to have your online auctions end in order to get the most pull, and best reception to your audience is a fairly important factor, it quite honestly should take less priority, since most people selling on Ebay don't have a clue what they are doing!

In fact, you'd be a step ahead if you were targeting your audience, rather than just "selling stuff". MOST people just slap up their Ebay auctions without a care in the world and wonder why in the world they are not getting any hits, let alone bids--and worse they are struggling to come out ahead, let alone break even.

I can tell you that personally, I have extensively tested WHAT I sell. I have found that my audience--and there are people who watch what I have put up on the block not so coincidentally, because I DRIVE them there--Reward me the most (we're talking high rate of bidding frenzy here) when I end my auctions on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings, between 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm (PST). I can TELL you that, but you should not assume that What I sell, Who specifically buys from me, and How I sell it is in any way, shape, or form is like what you'd do. Bottom line, unless you are my exact clone, NEVER assume MY window and BEST time to sell on Ebay is going to get the Same Results for you!




$117 PROFIT With Little Ebay Competition?

Dear Ebay Online Auction Enthusiast,

If it were possible to get your hands on a product that is selling on Ebay right now, for an average of $297.00, with seriously padded shipping charges at a whopping $33.50 (although the product is NOT big, or at all heavy -- but people still want this thing and obviously are willing to PAY those fees!) -- and yet, can be bought BRAND NEW for only $214.00 INCLUDING shipping, would you be interested in knowing HOW to get it and WHAT Exactly to do to grab hold of those easy profits?

That's an Easy $116.50
With Hardly Any Work!

Well, what if I could promise you even more?

What if such an opportunity was shared, but only with a select few? In other words, your competition -- read that: others finding out about what you'll soon have access to will be next to none -- will have no idea how you are getting such profits.

People are constantly on the search for fast, easy ways to make money selling on Ebay. There's a constant stream of folks looking for money that can be made that is sizeable, and doesn't require HOURS to do.

It's GOOD, But Seriously LIMITED
By BOTH Time And Number!

Here, I am offering you such an opportunity. At least $100.00 in profit. I'll show you the proof, in a minute. I'll show you what this unique, popular product is, proof of past sales, and current auctions (Buy It Now is actually at $319.00 plus shipping, which means you'd actually make more than I first said). Plus exactly where to buy it, and share with you a manufacturer-direct $50.00 rebate to be used with your proof of purchase.

Ultimately, which all adds up to $100.00 BUCKS or MORE, with very little work, or risk. Of course, if you held on to this product, until Christmas, God only knows how MUCH MORE you'll make -- 'cause this is a popular item, in a niche that is only getting more popular.

Bad News: Only 10 people will be able to take advantage. So, you aren't competing with ME. The rebate is only good, one per "household" as you might suspect. But, with a bit of creativity, you could use your work address, and the neighbors, etc.. But, a hundred bucks that's fast and easy, is a hundred bucks! And let's face it, you COULD make more!

Good News:Only 20 people will be told how to do this. Exact step-by-steps. As in, go to this web site, do this, then do this, etc.. I'll send you the refund form to print off, and mail in to pocket your $50.00 Bucks. And you could have that fast, easy money selling on the Ebay auctions that you are already familiar with!

Wanna be ONE of the Ten to take shameless advantage?Click HERE to continue reading.

Too Late!Capacity Filled!Maybe Next Time.



Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ebay Selling: Up To 85% Off Brand Name Clothing, Jewelry - FREE Shipping

Dear Online Auction Ebay Selling Enthusiast,

Here's another website that offers 国产偷伦视频片, and sometimes better than closeout discounting.

Finding products to sell on Ebay, might take a bit more research, but more often than not, digging and researching your Ebay niche is worth the trouble. "Worst" case scenario, you can buy stuff for yourself at dramatically deep discounts. Christmas (yes, I said the word) is NOT that far off. And NOW is when you should start thinking about it. September and October, Ebay starts picking up again, shaking off the Summer selling doldrums, as more people are coming back inside and sitting in front of their computers.

And that's good news for you and me.



P.S.The savvy, fanatical, Ebay seller will keep their eyeballs glued to this blog for an upcoming announcement...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Dear Online Auction Enthusiast,

You know I live here in Cincinnati.And no matter where you live, there are legitimate (kick but, SWEET deals) opportunites to be had, and ones that you'd never want to, ever touch.

WHO ever said Government Auctions are old news?

(It wasn't me). But, I have said, they are usually NOT what is published. There ONCE were days of buying luxury cars, commercial jets and homes for less than $100, certainly, but do they STILL exist. Not nearly as much -- sometimes even if you are the ONLY one there at the auction.

But that does not mean they do NOT exist.The government (U.S.) goes through STUFF regularly, making room for the new.They consume and consume and consume - and that is NOT going to change.

Still think that Government auctions are only filled with crap? See if you can find anything of VALUE in a recent auction here in Ohio. (Yeah, not much there to salivate over, eh?!).



Friday, July 15, 2005

Wholesale Merchandise, Closeouts, Deals, Clearance Prices

Dear Ebay Enthusiast,

Here's a quick website that may offer some bargains to resell.

They do have small lots, available, but BEFORE buying, get on Ebay and investigate COMPLETED auction (advanced search or on the Ebay search sidebar at the left) to ensure that you can make a PROFIT, first.

Also keep in mind that shipping adds to your cost per unit, thus calculate that INTO your margin (or lack of margin) for profit.

Do Be Careful / and WATCH for (in the way) items that appear to have a cheaper alternative on the internet.There are many people preaching how to make money on Ebay, or how making money on Ebay is the easiest income stream around.While there is truth to that, you GOTTA do your homework first.

Thus, keep an eagle eye for items that may be found cheaper -- DO ADDITIONAL searches on google for the same item that you believe to be a bargain.Often times it is not as good as you first thought.




Friday, April 29, 2005

Making $60,000 A Year Or More On Ebay

Dear Online Auction Enthusiast,

$60,000 a year or MORE from your making money on Ebay efforts may seem a far-fetched idea to you if you are struggling just to make ends meet or have not seen any big numbers yet, spinning your wheels much too much for the results you've been getting on Ebay. Keep in mind, that there are sellers who make a literal, $500,000 a month on Ebay.

It has admittedly been too long since my last post, but I have a good "excuse". So unbelievable, in fact, that I don't know if I would be believe it if someone told me, thus, I'll be posting photographs of PROOF on my main Blog / Newsletter : Marketing Inside Skinny, SOON. That said, all of my sites are being updated, and unless you have the intimate details of being one of my MasterMind partners, you wouldn't know just how MANY that is, but trust me, it's a lot. All of my blogs are being updated since those recent events, and I'll try to win you over, making up for my absense.

$60K in a year's time, works out to be $5,000 a month, which would provide an alright income, enough to pay for most people's mortgage, rent, food, gas (even at today's prices!), entertainment, and utilities. Of course, if Ebay, like most people, including myself, is simply an additional income stream in your arsenal of income streams, it is all that much better.

Before You'll Ever SEE The Money

There's a formula about making money that you should plant in your brain, when you are wanting to seriously make more money for whatever reason. And that is this: simply breaking down your goal, let's say $10,000 a month (yes, TWICE the above example).

To make The Money you must Make the Sale. It sounds like a simple concept, because it is. But there are people right now who have active listings running on the world's most famous online auction site, who are reading this Ebay Auction Blog, and STILL don't get this!You GOTTA SELL SOMETHING. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to OWN, or PURCHASE what you are selling, but you gotta have a buyer to get the money.

[**Note: you may also benefit from this post on my Marketing blog, about obtaining what you ultimately WANT and this one that uses an example of the wrong way to create your Ebay selling business].

That said..

O.K, a goal of $10,000 in a month's time, broken down, would translate to this:

Selling 1 item for $10,000.
Selling 2 items for $5,000 each...
Selling 4 items for $2500.
Selling 10 items for $1,000.
Selling 20 items for $500.
Selling 40 items for $250.
Selling 80 items for $125.
Selling 100 items for $100.
Selling 200 items for $50.
Selling 400 items for $25.
Selling 800 items for $12.50.
Selling 1000 items for $10.
Selling 2000 items for $5.
Selling 5000 items for $2.
Selling 10,000 items for $1.

As you can see, it is much easier to sell higher priced items than a whole bunch of low priced items. And of course, the number does not have to be "$10,000", it could be $500 if that is what your goal is to make extra income on Ebay each month. Just plug in the numbers and break down, what they actually mean in relation to SELLING on Ebay.

If you are just haphazardly trying to make extra money online or just on Ebay, you should not be too upset with disappointing income. Poor efforts in, poor results out.

"The sun doesn't shine on
the sleeping dog's ass."

If you are serious, and are putting in the extra efforts, gaining education, TESTING what works and what doesn't and tweaking your Ebay efforts for constant improvement, or at least on the road to wanting such a change, you'll be pleased to gain insight about what Ebay sellers who consistently make $60,000 or MORE per MONTH are doing.

For one thing, they have systematized their efforts. In other words, if they find themselves doing the same thing over and over again, or perhaps getting the same question from potential Ebay buyers or online auction browsers, they then create the effort to remedy that once, and use that effort forever. More leverage on your time, gives you more TIME to do more of what you most like to do in your Ebay business, or just more free time to live your life.

How are you using SYSTEMS in your Ebay business, right now?

For example, I keep a folder of email drafts, that take me less than a minute to copy and paste, change an item number or other detail, and take care of my Ebay business in seconds. I use the same process to fullfill digital products that are exclusive to me. Like when a fellow bought my Credit Manual on Ebay recently. I got a notification (which automatically goes into a separate folder so I can save time and know exactly when ANY order comes through and needs my attention : HINT: Are YOU doing that?) that somebody had just sent me $30.00 via PayPal. And with a draft of the email I have sent in the past already at the ready, the order was fullfilled in just seconds. $30 bucks for less than a minute of "work", with nothing to ship? Yes, that is a pretty SWEET DEAL!

Ebay sellers, or power sellers as some prefer, who collect the big money usually, as is hinted at in the $10,000 a month breakdown above, sell high priced items. Starting at $500, usually. Think about it, how much room for profit is there in an item that you're selling on Ebay for $1 or a little more?

"But, Rob, I don't HAVE anything to sell for $500 or more."

First, logical answer is: Find something. To those who are making REAL efforts in their legitimate Ebay business, that doesn't sound far-fetched at all, but if you are simply doing half-assed efforts, and complaining about lousy results, this Ebay blog post is probably, out of your scope. Ebay business operators can take a lesson from the statement.

If you usually sell items for $10 to $50 dollars when you do your Ebay listings, mix it up a bit, buy adding perhaps not a $500 or more item, but a $100 item is definitely doable. Perhaps you'll find, like one of my customers of The Only Online Auction Course You'll Ever Need (not a pitch, because it is no longer for sale), who followed my advice, and actually created a product from scratch, and made more money in one week than ALL his previous effort - despite having any experience doing so. Just changing and APPLYING a few tweaks in his Ebay business, wising up and getting real.

Another Ebay trick that many veterans and beginners alike totally miss the boat on is the strategy of: exclusivity and scarcity. By listing only ONE of a particular item at a time (even if you have five more in your closet or garage) for sale, potential Ebay buyers are tempted to act NOW (buying and giving you The Money), because there's just one.

Also, it is also a good idea, and has been proven repeatedly in my own auctions to list several items at once. If you have a credit card on file with Ebay, take advantage of scheduling your auctions for one day, but two weeks into the future. Perhaps you don't have time to list 5 to 25 or more items. That's fine, but CAN you prepare 5 listings in 2 weeks? If you can't, get out of the "making money on Ebay" line of work.

Having multiple auctions, especially if your listings are optimized for being found quickly and by getting 1000% or more buyers and browsers as stated in the OAC -- which we'll have to cover at a later date, since this post is serious long! -- will get you more money. Your odds are greatly in your favor for people who find you for one listing, spending money on a similar listing of yours, or several.

Whew..I'm exhausted, what about you?



P.S.Email me your comments, questions, or feedback here.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Boost Your Ebay Business Conversions Part Two

Dear Ebay Online Auction Enthusiast,

Find the first part (Tips one through three) of this Ebay selling tips article here.

4. Get To The Point Fast. Make your listing easy to read (don't create a giant paragraph of text, that runs on forever) and include lots of white space. Be specific and to the point. Understand that many Ebay browsers are racing through listings, skimming listings for the nitty gritty, not just passing the time away, casually surfing.

This is a rule that I don't always follow, simply because my items are not ordinary. They need more explanation. Standing out from everybody else who sells in my category also is a benefit for my Ebay sales. Some of my sales letters, especially if I am selling something of high value offers a TON of detail, but I can't tell you how many people email me asking me questions that are answered right in the listing.

Most of the time, I'll just go to my auction listing in question and copy and paste the answer directly from my auction, for those who just don't bother to read. Some people just don't look or bother to read it seems, some legitimately miss the listing details they are looking for, and others are just too darn lazy, and would rather ask a question, than read a long sales letter, even if they don't get the answer for a couple of days.

Obviously, those people are just curious, and have little intention to buy. But, I also know that my sales copy is effective, because I have a following who get mad when I don't have listings running, because they enjoy reading some of the weird tales I share in my ebay listings.

A good middle ground, would be to create 3 to 5 bullets of specifics about your item at the top of your listings to give your Ebay audience both options. My hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-cinder-block headlines do that more effectively.

5. Check Your Ebay Search Title and Description for Spellings. We all "check", but ironically, we have all been in the situation where we just listed an item, only to discover a DOH! mistake in plain sight. What you may not do, however, in addition to checking for the obvious misspellings, is to be sure that you include them in your description.

I do, simply to capture the few individuals who might fumble their fingers on their keyboards. Whichever keyword they look for, I want them to find me. So, include both the right way, and the mistaken way. Try to make it flow, and be natural, rather than just rattling off a list of all possibilities.

6.Kill Animation and Animated GIF's. Just because you think a USPS delivery truck with rolling wheels, or a winking eyeball is cute or fun, it quickly becomes a reason not to do business with you, because it takes so damn long for your Ebay listing to finally load. It may look "good" on your computer, but keep in mind there are hundreds of thousands of Ebay members who are still on dial up modems, surfing at work (when they shouldn't be), and logging from the library, coffee house, or elswhere paying either by the minute, or pressed for time.

7.Eliminate All Other Distractions. Get rid of the theme music. Avoid the colored backgrounds, or tinkering with the html to take advantage of blatant keyword spamming. Avoid using more than three colors in your listings. If it does not directly reflect your item description, do NOT include it. Fast loading listings can make more money. Would you rather have more people bidding or less?

8.Don't Waste Valuable Keywords. Don't be general. Doing so is a SIN!Do a search for your item, both current auctions and completed auctions, and look at how other people have described your similar item. Have they mentioned details, you were not planning to? Include all that is relevant, in order to capture a bigger buying audience. Using "Neat" or "Cool" in your search title is a waste.Don't copy and paste their efforts, but use their description as an inspiration to make yours even better.

People don't get on Ebay and search for "neat" (keyword) stuff in the search box; they are looking for specific items - give them what they want!

More to follow...



a.k.a Online Auction Fanatic