Partying like it’s 1987

迅雷官方免费下载Today Isaac wanted to play some games. So I grabbed my old NES out. ?I was pretty excited that I still had all the pieces. Went to turn it on...and nothing. ?Blinking red light. Wiggled the cartridge. ?Blew out the cartridge. No good. So I did what anyone does these days, and googled what to do.?

迅雷官方免费下载I voided the warranty by opening the shell and cleaning the 72 pin connector. ?Then I saw I needed to bend the pins back. ?That was a hassle. ?At this point we were able to get the game to load...but not fully. ?It would do weird things like loop the opening Batman animation and it’s music. ?

Resigned to not getting it to work, I started putting all the screws back in. ?I don’t particularly know why, but I decided to give it one last try. ?The damn thing worked.?

Batman was a big hit with Isaac.?

Lilly, who has been playing Tetris on her Gameboy has loved Dr. Mario.

Halloween 2016: Warm Night Edition

We were so excited to have warm weather and sunny skies for a change. For the first time in their lives, it was not raining, sleeting, and freezing outside.?

We had to very excited kiddos tonight. Lilly went as Violent from The Incredibles. Isaac was Leonardo the Ninja Turtle. He was in love with the idea as soon as Jake suggested it ?

Every Halloween photo session needs to show off the cool fight moves.

And of course you have to end with the Superhero Stance!?

New Blanket for Isaac

We have been gearing up to wean Isaac from sucking his thumb. Wednesday night-ish Isaac had an accident in his bed, so all his stuff was dirty. I didn't get a chance to get it all clean by bedtime Thursday. At bedtime Thursday night he was angry that he had the backup lovey (aka the reject lovey) and refused to have it in his bed. Jake said he didn't suck his thumb that night at bedtime. I was wondering if the two were tied at all. So, we didn't offer up the "real" lovey since then and he hasn't sucked his thumb except for that one time.

To support this, we decided he needed a new blanket as his was for sure a thumb sucking blanket. We made a quick trip to JoAnn's for fabric. I just finished making it for tomorrow.

We haven't said anything out loud to him about his thumb. We are doing a day at a time and just letting it come. We don't want to trigger him to start again.

Of course, being the Ninja Turlte loving boy he is, I knew this material would be the best pick!?

The last photo I have of my little mister sucking his thumb. We were enjoying some post nap snuggles. It's my favorite thing on the weekends.?

Lilly Goes to Kindergarten

Monday night the school had a back to school bash for all the students to bring in supplies, meet their teacher, and find their classroom. Lilly's book bag was a full of stuffs to drop off. Isaac got the royal treatment with Grandpa and Grandma Hitze! I'm not sure which kid was having more fun!?

The room theme is transportation. The outside of the room had a board full of license plats. We found her name and took the time for a photo opportunity!?

We went into the room and found Lilly's chair. Lilly was pretty open and willing to put her supplies in the appropriate tubs. After we meet Ms. Grimes and got Lilly's stuff settled, we went to Lilly's choice of Steak 'n Shake for dinner. We got home, tried out her new tennis shoes, and then read a new book "The Night Before Kindergarten"!

The next morning Jake and I made Lilly breakfast for Lilly: cheesy eggs, bread with apple butter, and a banana! She was even treated to some Apple Cider! She didn't each much, but she was a bit nervous about what the day.

It was then time for the obligatory First Day of School photo session!?

The difference between last year and this year is crazy.?
We arrived to the school a bit early. We were hanging out in the car waiting to go into the school so I decided to take a quick mommy, daddy, and Lilly pic!
We walked the halls to her classroom and then found her seat.?
Ms. Grimes had a coloring sheet for the kids to color while they waited for things to get going. Meanwhile, I had the fun job of filling out more paperwork.?
During attendance, Ms. Grimes also took the lunch order for the cafeteria. It was the funniest part of the morning. She read off the options and then asked the kids to raise their hands for the option they wanted as it was called. One kiddo asked for both. Ms. Grimes looked at the kiddo and asked if he raised his hand for the first option and he replied yes. He didn't quite understand it was one or the other. A few moments later she decided to go one by one and ask each kid. She asked on little girl what she wanted for lunch and she responded, "but I'm not hungry." Ms. Grimes looked up with a smile. "How about we all pretend we are hungry right now! What would you want to eat?" This still didn't do the trick. She looked at the parents and said usually the first week she has kids go over to different sections of the room to pick out their lunch to avoid any confusion or multiple votes! She asked the parents to help get their kiddo's order to help speed up the process. It was fun watching this whole scene go down. It was also pretty cool to watch how quickly Ms. Grimes adjusted and jumped to a new tactic. Kindergarten teachers are special people!?

All the kids gathered for a quick book; on tap for this morning was "The Kissing Hand". Lilly went right over to the carpet reading spots and didn't ask for us to go with her. Completely unusual for her in new situations. I looked at Jake and told him this book selection would test my emotional state. Seriously. The book is brutal if you are trying to hold what little control over your tears you have. I was watching Lilly listening to the book and as the mom in the book was kissing her kiddo's hand Lilly took her hand to her mouth. She mimicked a couple other little parts as well. My heart swelled. I made it through without any tears. Success!
It was time for a quick craft. The kids traced their hands and cut them out. She cut out a heart I made and then she glued it to the palm of her paper hand. She added her own flair by tracing around the heart.?
One last picture before they kids went to recess and Jake and I stayed for the parent meeting. Lilly went off to recess with a hug and kiss from each of us. She didn't get clingy or want us to go with. She didn't even give us a second glance back. The morning went so smoothly and Lilly made us so proud. I am excited to see her grow and learn over this school year and the ones that follow! As I was tucking her into bed tonight and chatting with her, she looked at me with a sleepy smile and said, "Mommy. I just had a really good day!" Here's to many more "really good days".?

I'm Not Tired

Lilly kept insisting she was not tired. As we were driving home from lunch we noticed it was getting more and more quiet in the back seat. This is what 'not tired' looks like apparently. Famous last words. Ha!?

Lilly's First Chore Chart

We have been talking with Lilly about doing chores and earning money for them. We found a board we really liked and bought it. We picked 5 chores to start with since she is almost 5.?

We started with an easy goal of 5 stars for an Igloo fruit drink. The drink is a favorite in our house. Lilly earns stars when she completes her chore without any reminders. She was able to snag that quickly! She earns check marks when we have to remind her to do her chore.?

Jake and Lilly were at Menards today looking for gardening stuff and paint for our deck swing. While there, she discovered there are decorative switch plate covers. We decided to update the star count to 10 for the cover. Lilly was pretty excited about the new challenge.?

I went to Lilly's room to tell her it was time to get ready to go get groceries. As I approached her door, I heard her softly singing, "I'm going to get a star today! I'm going to get a star!" I love that she is so enthusiastic about this!?

Christmas PJ's 2015

My mom, Karen, made the kids' Christmas PJs again this year. They turned out so wonderful! They kids were so excited to see them on their beds tonight. I decided I should try and get the annual Christmas PJ picture tonight instead of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when they are way past tired. I would say it was a success!?

I am so thankful for my mom and her willingness to make the kid's stuff.?

Isaac Prays

Isaac has been doing this when we pray for awhile now. I finally had the opportunity to get it on tape! I hope his...dedication...brings you the same delight it has us.?