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边摸边吃奶边做爽动态JOINT.PRESS is a crowdsourcing platform that helps you earn media attention, by facilitating efficient collaboration among all the people advocating for the same thing with you. You can work together to maintain the campaign timeline, find relevant journalists, send press releases and many more. View the beginner's guide

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If you are starting a campaign or if you are a campaign admin, please view the beginner's guide for admin:

JOINT.PRESS is a crowdsourcing platform for PR campaigns. It's a combination of media contact database, online newsroom and press release service powered by crowdsourcing. With JOINT.PRESS, you can create a PR campaign, and then invite your supporters, users, or any other people sharing the same vision with you, to grow the campaign. People can add journalists they already knew or by searching the included journalist database. They can also register as a source so interested journalists can contact them, list media coverage so everyone knows what has already been reported, and post campaign updates to help keep everyone on the same page. The campaign admins review everything non-admin users posted before they get published. The campaign admins can also email press releases to all the journalists added and approved in the campaign.

JOINT.PRESS is for any business, organization, community and individual that want to earn media attention for anything newsworthy. Anyone can create a JOINT.PRESS campaign and invite other people to help grow the campaign. The more people contribute to your campaign, the more media attention you may secure.

Cision and other media contact databases may allow you to do PR alone, while JOINT.PRESS enables you to do PR with everyone else sharing the same vision with you.

PR Newswire and other press release sending services may allow you to send press release to a list of media contacts that are shared by tens of thousands of other press releases, while JOINT.PRESS enables you to send press releases to highly relevant media lists built by you and your community.

PR activities on JOINT.PRESS are organized by campaigns. You can compare it to Facebook page. It's recommended to create separate campaigns for different brands, products, or major events, to make iteasier for both journalists and contributors to follow the campaign, as the campaign would be the home of all the PR information related to that brand, product or major event.

Here are a few tips:

Recruit more volunteers to contribute:
1) Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or SNS and chat groups.
2) Write about your campaign on your blog.
3) Link to your campaign on your website.

Encourage volunteers to:
1) Suggest relevant journalists, so the campaign they support can get more media exposure.
2) Register as a source, so interested journalists can interview them.
3) Share the campaign with their friends so more people can join.

A journalist added to a campaign may have one of 3 statuses, "pending approval", "approved" and "disapproved".

A journalist added by a non-admin user gets the "pending approval" status by default. A journalist with this status is not displayed publicly. Only campaign admins and the non-admin user who added it can view it. Upon such a journalist is added, all admins of the campaign would instantly get an email notifying them to review the submission. The campaign admins can then approve or disapprove it.

Journalists with the pending approval status can not be selected as press release recipients, cannot be copied to another campaign, and cannot be exported to the local computer.

All journalists added by campaign admins are approved automatically. Only approved journalists can be selected as press release recipients, can be copied to another campaign, and can be exported to the local computer.

The journalist would not receive any email notifications automatically when he/she is added to a campaign. Only approved journalists would receive emails when a campaign admin sends them a press release.

JOINT.PRESSjournalist database has around 800 thousand journalists and media outlets, indexes more than 200 millions news articles and 1 billion tweets. You can search the database by their tweets, articles, or profile information.

The journalist database is being updated daily by a team of dedicated data professionals and advanced computer programs.

"Source" is a person who provides information about a campaign. When you register as a source and are approved by a campaign admin, any active JOINT.PRESS user including journalists can then email you via a form (source's email is not revealed to protect privacy and fight spam) to inquire more information about the campaign.

You can stop from receiving emails sent to you via the "Source" feature by managing your email preferences.

No. "Campaign updates" provides latest information on a campaign, useful for followers, contributors, interestedjournalists and the public.

Any active JOINT.PRESS user can post campaign updates on a campaign, but the ones posted by non-admin users get the "pending approval" status by default, and won't be displayed on the campaigntimeline until they get approved by a campaign admin. The campaign admins would get an email notification when a new pending approval source is submitted.

Campaign updates submitted by a campaign admin are approved automatically.

A press release is an official statement you issue to journalists giving information on your campaign. When you publish a press release on JOINT.PRESS, the press release would be delivered to the journalists you selected via email, and it would also be displayed on your campaign timeline.

It's free to create a new campaign. You can also create multiple campaigns for multiple projects. There may be some limits for free campaigns. For details, please visit the pricing page:

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