Updates for the Week of 6/21/20

Start a prepper and vanlife store!
Almost Free Energy most major urban areas can use!!
Evil News a Nice Apertif
Fight Back Against the Dark, Withered Heart of Pure Evil

Wed June 3, 2020 Conference Call/Podcast: This is Compelling Pudcasting! GeoengineeringOff Grid/Prepper:This Ugo Guy offers very good technical and scientific analysis of the future of human energy consumption. So get your pipes and tweet jackets out!

Make Your Own Underground Bunker
Portable Reverse Osmosis I ordered and received the following portable reverse osmosis system:
I installed this mini reverse osmosis system on my kitchen water faucet and it indeed makes my faucet water taste like my distiller water.NEXT,....the urine test!Convert this
To This! The following portable RO system will eventually become available. It is ideal for a bug out bag, it can purify almost any water and desalinate sea water.
The following is a portable Ultra Reverse Osmosis system by AquaTru:

Updates for the Week of 6/7/20

I believe that Mall attendance could be revived by focusing on items for Preppers and Vanlife.

Sears could save itself and it's employees by going full bore Prepper and Van Life, no half stepping!

It could have everything needed by preppers, like Bulk Freeze Dried Food, portable and countertop water purification, generators with house backfeed cords, solar panels, solar cookers (like a solar parabolic griller), solar ovens, solar generators. It could also sell atmospheric water generators. Mylar BAGS!

Portable hydroponics products, with seeds, groundwater digging equipment, gas masks, NBC suits, machines that can freeze dry food. Shortwave radios, from 2Mhz to 30Mhz, and Vhf radios, CB radios, and the all the antennas.

Offer complete bug out bags, complete first aid backpacks, surgery equipment, etc.

They can even carry more lucrative products like wood gas generators both for electric generators and automobiles. They could also carry fuel conversion kits for vehicles, to allow vehiā€¦