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Nailing Big Winners Using Earnings Surprises

Riding a Winner Using the A / D Line

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Mr. LeoFasciocco’s articles appear at www.tickertapedigest.com. He is acontributing writer for several national publications.

Leo ispublisher of Ticker Tape Digest and president of Corona Investment Management.Mr. Fasciocco can be reached at leo@tickertapedigest.com

Free Sample - TTD  Stock Market Video Show - Friday  - June 12, 2020

 Ticker Tape DigestInc. publisher Leo Fasciocco is a well-knowninvestment columnist and author.

   He appeared frequently at  theMoney Show  conferences  held in Orlando, Las Vegas and  San Francisco.

  Hisarticles were used in the books - "High Performance Investing," - "Focus OnEquities" - and "The Encyclopedia of Stock Investing."

 These books can be purchased by contacting Ticker Tape Digest via email or phone.

 He is also president ofCorona Investment ManagementInc., a money management firm specializing in equity investing. Theaccounts managed have done well.

 Mr.Fasciocco's investment articles also appear at eSignal.com under the Exchange Report whichgoes out monthly to some 30,000 readers. The articles cover a variety ofinvestment strategies.

 He alsogives private investment workshops and private consultations. Mr. Fasciocco has appeared on TV and radio shows around the country. He is available for consultation and questions.

xvideos comTTD is available to help investors and service our subscribers. If you would like to subscriber or have any questions:

  Email Beverly Owen at owen@tickertapedigest.com. 

 You can call our office at 480 -878 -8381 or at 480-704-3331.  If Your wish to write we can be reached at Ticker Tape Digest, 1220 West Sherri Drive, Gilbert, Az. 85233.

 We will be happy to answer your questions.

                                      Comments from TTD subscribers:

"We've made a lot of money usingTTD,".....senior vice president at major brokerage firm.

"I think it is just terrific. The tickvolume work helps me to have more confidence in knowing when to buy andsell,".... money manager.

"I'd like to say your TTD Report isamazing. It is the best realtime stock report I've ever seen on the market,"....California investor

"The TTD slide shows and day trade pageare great. The midday narrative gives me greater insight as you interpret thecharts. I really enjoy the service and hope it continues in the years tocome."....Joe M. of San Francisco.

"I love TTD! It's my favoritesubscription."...Kelly W. of California

"The TTD website is very informative -one of the best I have visited."...Bill H. of California

"I have found TTD very informative andinstructive," ....Ken P. of  Indiana

"Without a doubt one of the best andtimely investment tools. It prepares you for the market trading day and givestimely analysis during the trading day. I could not live without it." JayR of  Florida

                              Ticker Tape Digest

  A unique Web Site dedicated to providing timely investmentand educational information not found anywhere else!

At Ticker TapeDigest we believe ...
"The tape talks - to those wholisten."

Ticker Tape Digest provides sophisticatedinformation for the investor who wants to have the edge. Our service ispresented so the average investor can learn quickly. A big help is Ticker TapeDigest´s multi-media show on our sample TTD pro report. TTD is animportant Internet Investment Resource site.

Ticker Tape Digest

Paid Subscription Services for Investors

  TTD's premierservice - Available to subscribers only. Cost $100 a month for about 20 dailyreports a month. TTD's premier "realtime market report" that comes out aboutone hour before the close allowing subscribers to get a"winning advantage."

  It also includes intraday updates on our flash tickerand a sensational 15 minute mid-session multi-media show givingyou the hottest stocks on the tape that are ready to be bought. Abreakout watch list to use prior to the stock market's opening. A listof quick trades that feature an 80% win rate. A great report usedby many professional investors and money managers.
Get subscription form - TTD's phone: 1-480-878-8381 or 480-704-3331
TTD's special analysis includes:

  •   Stocks breaking out of significant price consolidations intopotential up trends
  • Stocks showing major accumulation and ready to breakout at anytime.
  • Midsession stock market show with analysis
  • Quick Trade stock selections every day - win rate 80%
  • Stocks breaking down that are good sales or short sales
  • Stocks showing significant distribution

  The TTD Pro Report also gives a list of "leading stocks" poisedto breakout. This is a powerful list of potential big winners. It also has alist of "Quick Trade" candidates. The list is posted before the market'sopening. These "Quick Trades" are played for 1 to 3 days in most cases. Theirwin ratio is 80%.

  Available to subscribers only. Cost $39.95 a month forabout 20 reports a month.
Get subscriptionform - TTD's phone: 1-480-878-8381 or 480-704-3331
The TTD Report - Limitedgives...

  •   Breakout stocks to the upside
  • Stocks breaking to the downside

The stocks are analyzed with regards to their earrings growth andaccumulation and distribution patterns."
The TTD Report is streamlined andcomes out approximately an hour before the close to give subscribers a "winningedge". This powerful report can get you into leading stocks at the "criticalbreakpoint". It also includes a list of "leading stocks" poised tobreakout.

It does not have the TTD Pro midsession multi-media show, northe "Quick Trade" preopening report.

  Available to subscribers only. Cost $20per month. Subscription 6 months for $120.
Seesample of TTD Stock Market Video show

The TTD Stock Market Video slide show is included with no costwith the TTD Professional report.

The TTD Stock Market Video Show with commentary comes outaround midsession.

It is best used with a high-speed internet connection. Theshow, 15 to 20 minutes, features a general stock market analysis, a listing ofall breakout stocks for the day with commentary on the key ones. This reportgive you the inside line on the best stocks for investors to move intoright away. It also points out breakout plays to avoid and some ofthose poised to breakout. This is must watch show for someone who wants toinvest and trade in stocks like a pro.
Getsubscription form - TTD's phone: 1-480-704-3331 or 480-878-8381
The TTD StockMarket Video Show gives you...

  • All Stocks breaking out for the day and points out the strong playswith powerful earnings growth. You can move into them right away.
  • Key potential breakout stocks you can move into with a highprobability of breaking out soon.

TTD presents a rundown of stocks showing significant moves and a general market analysis.

"Strategic stocks": A look at one of the best long-term stocks.
"The Spotlight Stock": A close up analysis of top-performing stock.
"TTD's Educating Investors": A lesson on how to invest in stocks better.TTD gives a "special course" to help investors get a better understanding offundamental, technical and strategic principles.
"The PortfolioManager":Commentson how to best manage your portfolio

Subscribers and visitorscan leave questions or comments dealing with investments. Our E-mail address:

How to use the Ticker Tape Digest Report to find exceptionalstocks.
Performance of Stocks Highlighted in TTD´s special report.

Cost: Free  - compliments of Ticker Tape Digest Report.
Contains over 75educational lessons and multimedia shows on how to invest in stocks. Tips fromsome of the brightest minds in the investment world.

Thank you for visiting TTD.

If you have comments E-mail us at owen@tickertapedigest.com.

TTD is an Internet Investment Resource Site. We do not recommend anyspecific stock. Readers should do research. All articles and data at TTD'sInternet site are copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Any reproductionrequires written permission from TTD. TTD takes no responsibility forinvestments made by readers. Ticker Tape Digest Inc. is associated with CoronaPublishing Enterprises.

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